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Pipeline Integration
Pipeline Integration
Connect with Pipeline to sync your contacts and keep your deals up to date.
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What is Pipeline?

Pipeline is a digital sales management platform. With Pipeline, you can track sales data, assign tasks to your sales team, schedule estimates, and more.

Why integrate Pipeline and PaintScout?

Integrating with Pipeline allows you to connect your contact list from Pipeline to PaintScout for more efficient proposal building. It will transfer data back to Pipeline once the PaintScout estimate is sent, so you can keep your leads up to date.

How do I integrate with Pipeline?

1. Log in to Pipeline.

2. Click your "Profile" in the top right corner of your Pipeline account. Go to your "Account Settings."

3. Click the "Pipeline API" section on the left-hand side. Make sure you Enable API Access. Copy the API Key.

4. Once you've retrieved the key, log into your PaintScout account.

5. Click the "person" icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen and go to your Account Settings.

6. Go to the Company section on the left-hand side. Scroll to the bottom and paste in the Pipeline API key. Make sure to click "Save" when you're finished.

You will now be able to search and add contacts from your Pipeline account onto your estimates!

How does the integration work?

Besides being able to easily add contacts to your estimates, it will also send information back to Pipeline.

  • When you send off the estimate in PaintScout, it will attach a PDF of the estimate to the person in Pipeline. It will also update the activity section with the email you sent the customer.

We are currently trying to improve our integration with Pipeline, so please stay tuned for more updates! For now, we can also update the deal stage if you would like-- keep in mind we can only update the most recent open deal for a contact. So if you have multiple deals open for one contact, it will just select the most recent one. If you would like to enable this, please contact our support team!

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