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PaintScout Glossary

A glossary of commonly used words and terms used within PaintScout

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  • Admin Account: This account type grants access to all settings and estimates.

  • API: It stands for Application Programming Interface, enabling different applications to communicate and integrate.

  • Area: In PaintScout, it refers to the specific space where a project focuses, like kitchen or living room.

  • Auto Follow-Up: A pre-written email or text sent automatically to customers based on specific conditions.

  • Auto-Populate: Information filled in automatically under certain conditions.

  • Coverage Rate: The area covered by a specific product measurement, like 400 square feet per gallon.

  • Crew Note: A note visible only to crew members on the work order, not customers.

  • Crew User: Designed for project managers, crew leaders, and painters, with limited permissions to access project-specific information.

  • CSV File (Comma-Separated Values): A plain-text file for exchanging data across different applications.

  • Dropbox: A file-hosting platform integrated with PaintScout for sharing and storing documents.

  • Estimate Type: Different project categories like interior vs. exterior in PaintScout.

  • Grouping: Organizing substrates or items into categories for better estimate presentation and organization.

  • Integration: Allowing separate applications to communicate and share data.

  • Line Item: Company-specific area added to an estimate, with or without a cost, like consultation with a designer or preparation process.

  • Markup: The difference between selling price and production cost.

  • Pipeline: A CRM software provider integrating directly with PaintScout for tracking leads and deals.

  • Presentation: A PaintScout feature adding photos and descriptions to estimates sent to customers.

  • Production Rates: Calculations determining substrate prices.

  • QuickBooks: Accounting software integrated with PaintScout for small to medium-sized businesses.

  • Sales User: Limited to accessing sales-related functions, not account settings.

  • Smart Template: Ensures up-to-date information from settings.

  • Stripe: an online payment platform for businesses to accept payments securely in-app.

  • Substrate: A specific surface in a given area to be worked on, like walls or windows.

  • Success Package: Additional plan for purchase by PaintScout to aid in your initial account set-up.

  • Surcharging: Passing credit card processing fees to clients by including them in invoices.

  • Template: A preset estimate for frequently done projects, reducing repetition and time taken for estimates.

  • View-Only User: Office staff with restricted permissions to access essential information for reviewing work orders, invoices, and customer details.

  • Win Rate: The percentage of leads converting into sales, visible in your dashboard statistics.

  • Wisetack: offers consumer financing solutions for residential projects.

  • Workglue: Integrated with PaintScout, providing CRM tools like scheduling jobs and managing crew.

  • Work Order: A document detailing all information for crew members to complete a painting job.

  • Zap: An automated workflow connecting apps or services, usually triggered by an event.

  • Zapier: Software automatically moving information between web apps, integrated with PaintScout.

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