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Integrating PaintScout with your CRM
Integrating PaintScout with your CRM
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What exactly is a CRM?

A CRM, short for customer relationship management, is a tool designed to organize contact information and simplify interactions with both existing and prospective clients. Picture it as a modernized version of the classic Rolodex.

Why integrate your CRM with PaintScout?

Linking your CRM to PaintScout ensures that your contact details are automatically loaded, streamlining the estimate creation process and eliminating the need for manual entry.

Depending on your CRM, you can also opt to keep it automatically updated when leads convert to customers upon acceptance of the estimate.

How to connect directly to Pipeline

Integrating it with Pipeline can be a game-changer, enhancing your workflow and simplifying your processes.


  • Easy set-up

  • Seamless information exchange

  • Real-time updates

How to integrate with Pipeline

  1. Visit your Integrations section in your Account Settings.

  2. Find Pipeline and toggle the switch to enable.

  3. Obtain your API Key from Pipeline and paste it into the provided space in PaintScout.

This will enable the integration to pull your contacts from Pipeline when adding a new contact to an estimate. It will also update the update the activity section and include a PDF of the estimate to the contact in Pipeline upon sending the estimate.

You also have the option to set up the integration to automatically update the Pipeline deal stage according to the status in PaintScout. +Learn More.

How to connect your CRM using Zapier

You can always connect PaintScout to your CRM of choice such as Pipedrive or by utilizing Zapier. Zapier is an online automation tool that allows you to connect your favorite apps together!


  • Use your preferred CRM of choice

  • Customize the automation exactly to your needs.

Import contact information using Zapier

Zapier uses a system of Triggers and Actions to create automations. I am using to set up this automation to create a contact in PaintScout each time a new lead is added. Here's how to set that up:

The Trigger

  1. The trigger will be your CRM. You will want to connect and choose the event most relevant to your workflow. In this example, I chose New Item on Board.

  2. To test the trigger you will pull a relevant record, which will help you build out the next step - the Action.

The Action

  1. The action is the desired outcome that you want to happen. In this case, we are creating a new contact in PaintScout.

  2. Choose PaintScout as the App and select Create Contact as the event.

  3. In the Action step, you will fill all relevant fields with the information pulled from your CRM. This will act as a placeholder and tell the application how you want the information of future contacts to be mapped.

  4. Once everything looks correctly mapped, test the zap. A successful test will have created a new contact in your PaintScout account.

Once everything is set up successfully, it's time to Publish the zap. Now the contacts from your CRM will automatically update in PaintScout l

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