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Workglue Integration
Workglue Integration

Learn how to seamlessly integrate your Workglue account with PaintScout

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What is Workglue?

Workglue is a full-spectrum project management and field communication tool for contractors that will help you keep you and your team on track through job costing, scheduling, and time tracking.

Why integrate Workglue and PaintScout?

PaintScout's integration with Workglue will allow you to quickly transition estimates into projects and begin scheduling your crews and job costing in one platform.

How do I connect to Workglue?

You'll need to add two different API keys to make the integration work, one you can grab directly from Workglue, and the other you need to request from the PaintScout.

Workglue API Key

1. Log into Workglue

2. Find your API Key by going to Support > Account > Scroll to the bottom.

3. Once you have copied the API Key, log in to PaintScout.

4. Click the person icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen and go to the Account Settings > Integrations section.

5. Find Workglue and toggle the integration on. The settings will open up and you can paste in your WorkGlue API Key.

6. Once you have connected your account, you will be able to customize the settings. Select when estimates are sent over to Workglue, and more. You will also need to align your cost and materials codes with WorkGlue to ensure that the integration integrates fully. Ensure to press the Save Changes button when your settings are completed.

Every drop-down must be filled out for the integration to work.

If you are also integrating with QuickBooks Online we suggest not connecting your QuickBooks to PaintScout, rather integrate QuickBooks with WorkGlue directly so that your ongoing job costing information can be updated.

PaintScout API Key

Once you receive your PaintScout API key, you'll need to provide the key to the Workglue team for them to activate the integration. Once it's enabled, you can add it to your Workglue account if it isn't there already.

1. Click Support > Account on the left-hand side

2. Scroll down and find PaintScout on the right-hand side.

3. Paste in the key and click Save.

How does the integration work?

1. Go to a lead in Workglue.

2. Scroll down and select the quote type/template and press the PaintScout button. This will navigate you to the start of a quote in PaintScout.

3. The customer's contact information and notes will appear and you can start building your estimate as normal!

  • Notes from the Scope of Work section in Workglue will transfer to the Client Note section in PaintScout (i.e customer can see this information).

  • Notes from the Internal Work Description in Workglue will transfer to the Estimator Notes section in PaintScout (i.e. hidden from the customer).

4. After you have sent the quote to your customer, you can send information back to Workglue by Selecting the drop-down next to the save button and choosing the option ‘Send to WorkGlue.' You can also configure this to happen automatically when an estimate is accepted in your Integration Settings.

5. Navigate back to WorkGlue and refresh your page. A PDF of your estimate and work order will be available. You can drag the PDFs to the appropriate binder tab.

6. Items from the estimate will show in the "Original Estimate" section in Workglue with the hours broken down and the total price.

7. If you need to reference the WorkGlue ID Number while in PaintScout, navigate to the Sidebar tab > Advanced section. This will help with data entry and streamline your estimation and job management process. Please note the ID number will only appear if you generated the estimate from Workglue first.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why am I not being assigned as the Estimator in PaintScout?

To be recognized as the owner of an estimate in PaintScout, you must ensure that the email addresses of the estimator match in both platforms.

What platform should I connect with Quickbooks?

We recommend connecting Quickbooks through Workglue to ensure accurate job costing!

If I update a contact in Workglue, does it update in PaintScout?
Currently, there is no continuous synchronization between the two platforms. If there are any updates to the contact information in Workglue afterward, unfortunately, we do not receive those updates automatically.

Why did some information not transfer over to Workglue?

If you find that your estimate in Workglue lacks some details, it's crucial to verify whether you have properly assigned all your cost codes. To capture any unique production rates, you can generate an empty cost code. This will help ensure that no information is overlooked.

I started an Estimate in PaintScout first, how can I send it to Workglue?

To ensure estimates are properly sent back to Workglue, it is necessary for them to be initially created within Workglue. This requirement is in place because each estimate needs to be accurately associated with a specific job. Without the corresponding job created, it becomes impossible for us to determine the correct destination for the estimate once it has been accepted.

Why am I seeing duplicate items in Workglue?

Prior to resending an estimate to Workglue, please make sure to eliminate all the details and information to avoid duplicate line items.

If you need assistance with your WorkGlue Integration please reach out to our Support team we are happy to help you out!

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