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Pipeline CRM Integration
Pipeline CRM Integration

Connect with Pipeline to sync your contacts and keep your deals up to date.

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What is Pipeline CRM?

Pipeline CRM is a modern sales CRM that accelerates sales by helping to automate your sales process. Grow your business with custom lead and deal tracking, make better decisions with highly customizable sales reporting and forecasting, and keep your best customers with flawless contact management and documentation.

Why integrate Pipeline and PaintScout?

When you integrate with Pipeline, you're linking your contact list from Pipeline to PaintScout, streamlining the estimate-building process. Additionally, it facilitates data transfer back to Pipeline once the PaintScout estimate is sent or accepted. This ensures your leads stay current, and deal stages can be automatically updated!

How do I integrate with Pipeline?

  1. First, log into your Pipeline account.

  2. Select your Profile in the top right corner of your Pipeline account and choose Account Settings.

  3. Choose API Integrations on the left-hand side and click on the API Keys tab. Ensure that you select Enable API Access.

  4. Now, copy the API Key and paste it somewhere for safekeeping!

  5. Back in PaintScout, go to your Account Settings > Integrations section.

  6. Find the option for Pipeline CRM and toggle it on. Paste your Pipeline API key in the designated spot.

Updating Deals

You have the option to set up the integration to automatically update the Pipeline deal stage according to the status in PaintScout. Customize your preferences using the checkboxes in the Update Deals section. The choices in the dropdowns will directly mirror your deal stages in Pipeline.

The most recent deal for the contact which is considered open will be updated.

Searching for a Contact

When adding a new contact to an estimate select the Pipeline CRM tab to search your Pipeline contacts.

By default, PaintScout will only show contacts associated with a deal in Pipeline. If this does not align with your workflow and you would like to expand the search to all contacts in Pipeline, please reach out to our team!

How does the integration work?

In addition to adding contacts to your estimates, the integration also enables you to send information back to Pipeline!

  • When you send the estimate in PaintScout, it attaches a PDF of the estimate to the corresponding person in Pipeline

  • It also updates the activity section with the email you sent to the customer.

If you have any questions, send us a message at!

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