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QuickBooks Online Integration
QuickBooks Online Integration

Learn how to seamlessly integrate your QuickBooks online account with PaintScout

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What is QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks is an accounting software that allows you to track payments, create invoices, manage payroll, perform time tracking, and more! This online service helps keep your finances organized and ensures that the payment process goes as fast as possible.

Why integrate QuickBooks and PaintScout?

Integrating with QuickBooks will optimize your workflow through increased organization and efficiency. You will be able to export your invoices directly to QuickBooks -- no more double entry!

How do I integrate with QuickBooks?

1. Click the person icon in the top right of your page and go to your Account Settings > Integrations section.

2. Locate QuickBooks and toggle it on. Log in to your QuickBooks account.

3. Once you have connected your account, click the settings drop-down to customize the integration.

You must have an option selected for each drop-down menu for the integration to work.

Creating Invoices

Select how you would like to send invoices to Quickbooks. You can also always manually send invoices over through the send menu on any PaintScout estimate or invoice.

Canadian Users

1. To make sure our Canadian users have the best experience, it's important for them to toggle on the Canadian QuickBooks User button. This ensures they are directed to the right version of QuickBooks specifically tailored to their needs. Once you have selected this checkbox, select your tax rate.

Item Handling

Select if you want the invoice to show one item with the total, or show each individual item's price (Areas/Line Items).

  • If Area/Line Items is selected, the pre-tax amount will be sent, allowing Quickbooks to handle the calculations line by line.

  • Select if you want the invoice to not create descriptions.

Total Item Value

Select if you want to use the after-tax total.

Item Types

Select your item type. These must be set up in QuickBooks beforehand.

Payment Settings Overrides

By default invoices created will use the default payment settings from QuickBooks for credit card and ACH payments. You can override to turn these off.

Custom Invoice Numbers

If your generated invoices appear without a number in Quickbooks, you will need to disable the custom transaction numbers in Quickbooks.

Here's how to do it:

  • Click the gear icon (settings)

  • Go to the section "Account and Settings"

  • Click the "Sales" section on the left-hand side.

  • Make sure "Custom transaction numbers" is off

How to send invoices to QuickBooks

You can adjust the settings below to suit your preferences

1. When Quotes are Accepted

  • Will automatically create an invoice in QuickBooks when the PaintScout estimate has been accepted.

2. When Invoices are Created

  • Will automatically create an invoice in QuickBooks when the PaintScout estimate is converted into an invoice.

3. Manually from the Send menu

  • Go to your invoice and click the drop-down arrow beside the send button. You can choose to create a full or deposit invoice in QBO.

Optimal Workflow when taking deposits:

  1. Add your deposit percentage into your integration setup. Check the box for "Create deposit invoice when estimates are accepted."

  2. When the estimate is accepted, it automatically creates an invoice from the % you set in QuickBooks.

  3. Once that gets paid, manually add your payment to the PaintScout estimate/invoice. Make sure you have enabled this in your settings! Click here to learn how.

  4. When you are ready to invoice the remaining balance, click the “Create Invoice in QuickBooks” button on your PaintScout estimate/invoice -- it will create a new invoice in QuickBooks with the outstanding balance due (deposit taken off).

Still need help? Shoot us a message in the chat and we’ll help you out!

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