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Dropbox Integration
Dropbox Integration

Automatically share quotes with your team by integrating with Dropbox.

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What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a file hosting service. Anyone with access can upload files to the cloud and share them with people of their choice.

Why integrate Dropbox and PaintScout?

Integrating Dropbox with PaintScout will help you save time -- estimates and work orders will automatically be uploaded to your Dropbox account, eliminating the need to download and upload yourself.

How do I integrate with Dropbox?

1. Click on the person icon in the top right of your page and go to your Account Settings > Integrations section. Locate Dropbox and toggle the switch on.

2. Once you have connected to Dropbox, click the Settings drop-down and customize your preferences. Select when PDFs will be uploaded to Dropbox and a preset filename suffix for all of your quotes or work orders.

PDFs uploaded to Dropbox will appear in the folder Apps > PaintScout.

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