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Tracking PaintScout email activity in your CRM
Tracking PaintScout email activity in your CRM
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With the PaintScout BCC feature, you can automatically log emails sent through PaintScout directly in your CRM and have them associated directly with your customer's profile.

What CRMs does this work with?

This feature is compatible with any CRM with BCC or forwarding email functionality such as Hubspot, Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc. Check with your CRM provider if they have BCC capability.

How to enable a BCC forwarding address

For this example, we will be using Hubspot. Setup will vary based on your CRM. Reach out to our support team if you have any questions about configuration!

  1. In your Hubspot account, click the setting icon in the main navigation bar. On the left-hand sidebar, navigate to Objects > Activities and click on Email Logging. Copy the address located under BCC Address (outgoing).

  2. In your PaintScout account click on your person icon > Account Settings > Company. Under Outgoing BCC Address paste the address from Hubspot.

  3. Next, in your Hubspot account click on Settings > General > Email. Under Configure, select add email alias and populate the PaintScout email:

How does it work?

After configuration, any emails or chat messages that you receive from your customers through PaintScout will be automatically logged under your customer's profile in your CRM for reference.

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