Why make groups on your quote?
The grouping feature can be used for various reasons, but ultimately to make your quote making process more customized and efficient! A few examples are listed below:

  1. Want to group items/areas by floor. You might want to show customers quotes organized by floor, or simply group parts of the home/rooms together!

  2. A type of "package" of items that have a reduced price all together.

How to Make Groups 

1. First start by choosing the areas or line items you want to group together. By clicking the very top checkbox, you can highlight all the items/areas on the quote, or you can individually pick them. 

2. Once you have chosen all the items you want to group together, click the "Group Items" button on the bottom of the page. 

3. A window will appear, where you can then edit your group. You can add a name for the group, adjust the price and customize the description using the edit tab. 

4. If you scroll down on the window, you can add photos, and edit individual areas/items in the group. By clicking the three dot symbol, you can edit and remove areas.  

5. Save your group and this is how it will appear!

6. Click directly on the group or press the three dot icon on the right side to edit and make changes to the group.

Adding More Items to a Group

1. Use the checkboxes on the left and select the item you want to add, and the group you want to add it to. Then click "Add Item to Group". The group window will appear with a blank group name. 

Ungrouping - Three Different Ways!

1.  Use the checkbox to highlight the group, then press "Ungroup Items".

2. Click on the group, then press "Ungroup Items". 

3. Click the three dotted icon on the far right side of the group, then press "Ungroup". 

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